Software Engineers

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Create AWS lambda function (server-less) to pull messages from Simple Service Queue (SQS) and route to a REST Endpoint in Python. Create template for spawning new EC2 instances/Elastic beanstalk environments using cloud formation. Create a template for spawning new DB environments for applications. Spawn new EC2 instances using AWS. Implement AWS S3 service to upload the file to S3 bucket. Integrate spring security with third party OAUTH2 and SAML providers. Implement a Redis queue initializer. Integrate API's with security providers using Spring MVC, spring boot. Req: Master’s degree in Computer Sicence or related with 6 months experience as Software Engineer or Intern or Consultant. Connect us at for your next step.


Wixom, MI, but relocation is possible

Job Title

Software Engineer

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Ref #4717

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